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About SR-KPC

SR-Knowledge & People Consulting was created by Sai Ram Nilgiri based on his knowledge and experience of working with two leading organizations in the area of leadership – Center for Creative Leadership (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA) and INSEAD (leading European business school in France and Singapore). Strongly influenced by both schools, there is a blend of different styles of coaching (one-one and peer group), a psychodynamic approach to leadership development and the power to influence change at an individual and organizational level.

The organization is based in Singapore and works across boundaries. We work with clients in Asia, Europe and USA. Our three areas of specialization are:

  • Change Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development

Knowledge alone is not sufficient to make a difference. The intangible power of leadership creates what the business world calls the differentiation factor from competitors. Someone once likened leadership to pornography – easy to recognize but hard to define. The soul of the organization revolves around the 3i of the founder – collective Individualism, Independence of thought and Internationalism.

Our consultants are a group of like-minded people who have worked across continents and cultures, with post-graduate qualifications, and experience working across industries. We are qualified to administer a range of psychometric instruments and 360 feedback tools. The common drive among us is the challenge of helping people make the change to the mystique of leadership.

Bringing knowledge and people together, we use concepts that have passed academic rigour, state of the art computerized simulations to learn more about change and instruments that increase self-awareness and bring out the potential of our clients. The soul of our work revolves around our mission – Keep Discovering Your Potential!

Our People
Meet the team behind the name

Sai Ram Nilgiri is a certified Executive Coach from INSEAD and the Center for Creative Leadership, two of the world’s leading institutions for increasing leadership capabilities of individuals and organisations. A graduate of INSEAD in Consulting and Coaching for Change, the focus is on building leadership and performance improvement in executives through the psychodynamic approach. His thesis was on Creating Emotionally Intelligent Organisations and is one among few in Asia to have attended this programme.

He was also one of the pioneers to set up Executive Education for INSEAD, in Singapore . Much of his work covered developing senior management talent with leading international companies in various industries across Asia Pacific.

He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development ( UK ), a member of Oxford University Templeton College alumni….

Managing Change at the individual, team and organisational levels and across cultures has been one of his interests. He has the rights to promote a change management simulation called Change Pro Ò which was developed by Professor Jean-François Manzoni of IMD, Lausanne . This interactive simulation teaches participants the HOW of implementing change which normally gets less visibility than the WHAT of change.

With more than 20 years of extensive business and consulting experience and a career that has spanned training and development, sales, marketing and human resources development, he has lived and worked in various countries with Asian, European and Middle Eastern cultures. His clients benefit from his unique international corporate and consulting experience.

Sai Ram holds a first class B.Com from Loyola College – University of Madras; an MBA in International Business and Marketing from the University of Western Australia, Perth; a post-graduate diploma in Business Law and M.Sc. in Management of Technology from the National University of Singapore; and a Diploma in Clinical Organisational Psychology from INSEADFrance. He is also an Associate Lecturer in Marketing Management at SIM University , Singapore .

Apart from academic qualifications, he holds accreditation in MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Insights, Global Executive Leadership Inventory (INSEAD-developed 360º), Bar-On EQ-I (Emotional Intelligence) and Benchmarks (CCL 360º). He is conversant with various psychometric tools such as FIRO-B, Campbell Leadership Index and CPI 260. He currently coaches through INSEAD and CCL for large organisations such as Allianz, AXA, Boston Consulting Group, CPF Singapore, Fortis, HSBC, IE Singapore, KPMG, Lexmark, Michelin, Prudential, Pfizer, SAP, Syngenta, Tata and UGS. He brings a wealth of experience to his clients especially in coaching executives across cultures.

Sai Ram specialises in one-on-one coaching as well as facilitation of group coaching using the psychodynamic approach developed at INSEAD. He is currently working with the Asia-Pacific Management Team of a large software company in building a sharing culture through an action learning programme using the INSEAD style of group coaching.

On a personal basis, Sai Ram works with two volunteer organisations – Singapore After Care Association (re-integration of prisoners back into society) and Patient Care Centre (supporting HIV/AIDS patients). He has travelled to over 70 countries, speaks five languages and his interests lie in understanding human behaviour, the importance of Emotional Intelligence as a competitive advantage in life and business, and performance improvement in executives especially across cultures. Born in India of mixed Indian-Scottish parentage, an Australian citizen and a permanent resident of Singapore , he considers himself a “global soul”.

A dynamic coach, facilitator and trainer, Amine Delage boasts a rich multi-cultural and diverse international business background.  He has over 20 years of business experience, nearly half of which was devoted to individual and team coaching for high performance, leadership development, communication and performance management. He works with senior executives on key strategic projects helping them to understand and manage the human side of change.

He has designed and delivered a wide variety of programmes such as: service quality management, conflict management, train the trainer, professional presentation skills, People and performance for managers and appraisal interview for development.

He has worked across continents from the Americas, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia helping managers and teams add value to their productivity and profitability.

Amine holds an MBA in Hospitality & Tourism Management and BA Human Resources. In 2004 and 2005, he lectured at the University of Paris XII on Management and Leadership in a degree course. He is also accredited with MBTI “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator”, Benchmarks 360º and Insight Discovery.  In 2007, Amine left his position as Regional Training and Development Manager Asia-Pacific at Club Med to pursue his love of sharing experiences with individuals and organisations.
His belief is: Every human being is capable of going beyond his limit. People need to believe in their own potential.

The logo

People have been intrigued by the character of the logo. It is steeped in meaning. It is the first character of the word “rishi” in Sanskrit which means a sage, a man old in wisdom. In an organisational context, it would be the first word in reward, return, rich, recognition. It also embeds the letters KPC which stand for Knowledege & People Consulting.

Each part of it has a specific connotation:

The red reflects the universality of all beings, similar to what flows in all our veins – no different although we are of different skin colour. In Oriental Asia, red is prosperity and money. On the Indian sub-continent, red is divine.

The logo inspires the work of bringing wisdom to life in people through knowledge, emotional management and deep reflection. We hope you Keep Discovering Your Potential.

What are you waiting for?
About SR-Knowledge & People Consulting

Life is the laboratory for learning and we endeavour to share our knowledge with those who encounter us and learn in the process as well.

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