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Organisations are always facing change – mergers and acquisitions, a new CEO with a different mindset on what the organisation should be, changing the current culture, introducing SAP, Peoplesoft or Oracle, or bringing new innovations into the market….All of them have one thing in common – CHANGE. There are always three components to any change process.

Strategists draw up new directions and then hand over to implementers. Implementers carry out orders that impact Recepients. Gantt charts are easily drawn and commando type project teams are put together. However, getting change to happen requires a much softer skill – the ability to influence people to accept change. In Leading Change, John Kotter estimated that 85% of companies fail to achieve their objectives. Paul Strebel, in the Harvard Business Review, reports that 50-80% of Fortune 1000 change efforts fail.

"The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.” ― George Bernard Shaw
Does your organisation or department face some of these challenges?
  • Frustrated with poor implementation of strategic projects?
  • A large number of change initiatives and projects, some (many?) of which are not progressing fast enough?
  • Need to elevate your organisation’s ability to tackle ongoing change?
  • Introduce an innovation or a new product into the market?

The opportunities for trial-and-error learning are severely constrained because the price of mistakes can be exponential. In order to assist Strategists and Implementers improve their change capabilities, SR-Knowledge & People Consulting runs workshops using the Change Pro Simulation®. It is a highly dynamic and interactive computer tool that helps executives run a change initiative to the closest possible simulated environment of an international organisation. Facilitated by a qualified instructor, this dynamic workshop makes participants cognisant of human dynamics in any change process.

What are you waiting for?
About SR-Knowledge & People Consulting

Life is the laboratory for learning and we endeavour to share our knowledge with those who encounter us and learn in the process as well.

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