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Executive Coaching has now gained a place as a developmental process in unleashing the potential of executives in organisations. Knowledge training, which for long was considered the mantra to performance improvement has proven a good starting point, however with lesser outcomes the week after the course. Coaching has been found successful as an on-going process to re-inforce learning, practise new ways and achieve self-actualisation.

The complexities and uncertainties of today’s world and ever-increasing demands on executives prove a challenge even for the most successful. Old ways need to be discarded and new styles of leadership need to be incorporated in the portfolio of skills. With the help of a qualifed executive coach, managers and leaders are challenged with new thinking AND provided support to achieve organisational goals the smartest way. Bringing about change requires a motivated coach that believes change is possible and a client that is interested in changing.

"Power is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren't." ― Margaret Thatcher

SR-Knowledge & People coaches are well qualified, with experience and sensivity across cultures, and have themselves been developed by world-renowned schools of leadership thought such as INSEAD and Center for Creative Leadership. They are business savvy, have worked in multiple industries and hold post-graduate qualifications. Our coaches create a safe environment with utmost confidentiality to discuss issues that could be hindering performance. Being external to the organisation, they are not a part of any internal political agenda. With certification in various robust psychometric instruments, they are qualified to administer and interpret data to improve self-awareness. Clients are challenged in their thinking and offered support to ensure change is effected.

Our clients believe in Executive Coaching as an:
  • Enhancer to organisational and personal performance,
  • Investment in people rather than an expense, and
  • Improved self-awareness process.
What sets SR – Knowledge & People Consulting apart?

We specialise in two types of coaching – one-one and facilitation of peer coaching. They are distinctly different and achieve outstanding results but with different objectives. To know more, click on One-One or Peer Group. And they have to be hyperlinked to the respective pages.

One to One Coaching

Executive Coaching has developed as an intervention that improves performance. Previously, training programmes were the answer to leadership development. Today, it is a continuous process and working with a qualified executive coach has proven to enhance performance. Using a variety of assessment tools, coachees get a clear perspective of their behaviours, leadership style and the gaps to improve. An Executive Coach works with the coachee in a strictly confidential relationship to remove barriers and release potential.

A graduate of European business school INSEAD’s Executive Masters in Consulting & Coaching for Change and a certified Executive Coach of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Sai Ram is strongly influenced by the coaching styles of both schools. He brings a blend of both leading institutions in the area of leadership development. For instance, CCL uses various psychometric instruments to gather data about a coachee. INSEAD uses the psychoanalytic approach to understanding your leadership style. Depending on the organisation and its goals, coaching may be conducted on a one-one basis or group activity. A blend of diverse instruments and deep reflection provides a valuable experience in self-awareness – a trademark of the tag line Keep Discovering Your Potential!

Peer Group Coaching

Championed by Prof. Manfred Kets de Vries at the leading European business school INSEAD,and extensively used in its executive programmes, peer group coaching brings together a group of like-minded people, all of whom have an interest in the development of the others. Under the guidance of a skilled facilitator, participants are taken through a day of self-learning, sharing, challenging and gaining new insights to improve performance. Ideally participants go through some form of an assessment such as a 360 and/or MBTI, FIRO-B. They draw a self portrait using the right side of their brain….imagine senior executives returning to colour.

The core to a great peer coaching session are:

    • building trust and confidentiality within the group.
    • a willingness to share/self-disclose and sometimes thefacilitator needs to lead by example.
    • build an atmosphere where respect is shown to all members.
    • and the pure intention of any feedback is for the benefit of person in the “seat”.

The benefits are exponential when the process is given due time. The Asia Pacific management team of a leading global software company used this process to move from a working group culture to building a potential team and eventually a real team.

What are you waiting for?
About SR-Knowledge & People Consulting

Life is the laboratory for learning and we endeavour to share our knowledge with those who encounter us and learn in the process as well.

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